Newport Transporter Bridge ‘comforted’ mother during labour
Newport Transporter Bridge ‘comforted’ mother during labour

Newport Transporter Bridge ‘comforted’ mother during labour

A MOTHER has spoken of the comfort she gained from seeing the Newport Transporter Bridge while in labour.

Ann Lawson-Jones, who used to live in Risca, was in labour in the middle of the night at the Royal Gwent Hospital in 2003, when she noticed the “captivating” Grade I listed building lit up.

“I couldn’t help but look at it,” said the 45-year-old, who now lives in Cardiff.

“I spotted the bridge when I saw its lights get turned on.

“It was captivating and during my labour I found it to be a good distraction.

“When I was admiring the bridge it took my mind off being in labour.”

She added: “In 2006 I then gave birth to my son. The Transporter Bridge gave me much comfort again.”

Aware of its historical importance, the mother is now urging people to learn more about the Transporter Bridge.

“The bridge is of importance and has played a big part in history,” she said.

“That is one of the reasons why I encouraged my son to paint it for the Eisteddfodd. He had been asked to either draw or paint a picture of a Welsh landmark. All of his class chose Cardiff Castle, Castle Coch and places in Cardiff Bay. But I encouraged my son to paint the bridge.

“Wales needs to know more about it.”

The Newport Transporter Bridge, which was opened in 1906, is one of only six transporter bridges in the world to still be used to this day.

This story forms part of both the Argus and Newport City Council’s Transporter Bridge Memories project.

We are calling on members of the public to rummage through your attics and drawers for any memorabilia connected to the iconic site which will then be highlighted in a series of features.

The idea is to show the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), which previously allocated £1 million to the Transporter Bridge project, that there is huge support among people in Gwent for an application which aims to capture £10 million to secure the bridge’s future – by building a new visitor centre and pay for the costly maintenance of the bridge.

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